Hydraulic Lifts

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Manufactured for movement of all vehicles for storage & parking lots. Available in various capacity and sizes. Cars elevators are used within buildings with limited space (in lieu of ramps) to move cars into the parking garage. Geared hydraulic chains (not unlike bicycle chains) generate lift for the platform and there are no counterweights. To accommodate building designs and improve accessibility, the platform may rotate so that the driver always drives forward instead of in reverse.

We are offering an exclusive range of car lift tables which are designed as per the specifications of the clients. These Pit Mounted scissor lift tables are fabricated using high grade of raw material using most advanced technology. Apart from this, our range finds its application in different sectors. We are engaged in manufacturing and assembling lifts & elevators in delhi at sites that includes Hydraulic passenger lifts, passenger lifts, automatic lifts and many more. Right from installation till the effective after sales service.

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A comprehensive range of unmatched quality lifts are ideal for aged people, b. P/heart patients and available at very cost-effective prices to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers across India and other parts of Asia. While manufacturing these hydraulic lifts, we use only quality certified raw materials, which are procured from leading vendors and suppliers. Our lifts are designed and made by team with experience in the industry. Highly qualified and experienced professionals have incorporated all latest safety features and hence our lifts hardly require any maintenance.

Why hydraulic lifts?
• No need for deep pit and head room
• Does not require conventional lift well / room
• Not necessary to have 3 phase power
• Can come down in case of power cut by opening manual valve
• Can be totally customized for your needs / space available
• Very economical compared to conventional lifts